The Fly Right Stunt Training Stand

If you want your cheerleader to be able to safely practice on the most realistic piece of cheer stunting equipment, then look no further than the Fly Right! Balance is the key to a strong, safe stunt! Cheerleaders and coaches love the realistic movement the flyer experiences as he or she trains on the patented design which uses springs.

The Fly Right is an investment in your cheerleader’s future! Your cheerleader can practice safely without a stunt group or coach! The Fly Right is a patented stunt training stand professionally manufactured and licensed by Tumble Trak, headquartered in Michigan.

The price compares to what you pay for a uniform each year, but the Fly Right will last for years! Many of our customers tell us they have tried other stands, but none of them give them the realistic feel of stunting like the Fly Right!


Benefits of The Fly Right

  • Increases balance
  • Challenges flyer to use body control
  • Promotes body alignment
  • Instills confidence
  • Develops muscle memory
  • Advances skill progression
  • Allows hours of independent practice
  • Makes training fun and safe!

Fly Right Features

  • Height adjustable to experience a higher elevation of stunting
  • 12” height for beginner flyers
  • 15” height for intermediate flyers
  • 18” height for experienced flyers
  • Challenges flyer to balance
  • Made of durable metal
  • Non-slip foot rest and base
  • Available in 2 colors: shiny black and hot pink
  • Realistic movement due to patented spring design
  • Affordable compared to private lessons
  • One-year manufacturer guarantee


Fly Right Creator

Paula Sloan, is the founder and owner of Cheerful Athletics and creator of the Fly Right cheer stunt training stand. Paula has 16 years of coaching experience. She has been involved with all age and skill levels, from elementary to college. Paula has won two Oklahoma State Championships and is a past Advisory Board Representative of Oklahoma Cheerleading Coaches Association.

Cheerful Athletics is a family owned business established in 2011, and the Fly Right was originally created for Paula’s own flyer cheerleader daughter.




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